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Vista Cay

We are pleased to present the opportunity to participate in the Orlando vacation rental market with 100% occupancy, pre-leased occupancy for five years!  


How can you do that? 

How can you own newly constructed, 2 and 3 bedroom vacation rental condos without having to worry about if it's going to be rented month to month like your typical vacation rental owner?

Simple.  We have arranged for Sonder, one of the worlds leading short term rental companies, to take over the newly constructed units at Vista Cay immediately upon completion with a five-year master lease!  Developer providing all FF&E at no additional cost.

Our Values

Our Values include giving radical transparency to all our clients, operating incredibly efficiently, employing a client-centered approach, and providing trust & collaboration. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help our clients from around the world build wealth and financial freedom through their real estate investments in the U.S. through a radically-transparent and client centered brokerage model.

Our Vision

Our Vision is that we are dedicated to building a global client-centered real estate community based on trust, honesty, transparency, and efficiency derived from market expertise. 

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To ensure transparency, open collaboration and efficient transactions, we list our properties on all relevant platforms, not only on Buckeye Realty website. Whether you're looking for a commercial property or a vacant land, you can find all our active listings on CREXi — simply click on the button below and start browsing

Why Deal With Buckeye Realty?

Properties listed on all major portals, not just Buckeye Realty's company website for a property-centric, not company-centric, experience

Open & transparent 50/50 split on all commissions, to encourage cooperation with the thousands of brokers operating the market and interacting with potential 'perfect buyers'. 

Dedicated staff for each step of the transaction to manage and scale each individual property to the maximum. 

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Why Work With Terry?

Broker since 2004 with over 400 completed transactions for private investors and individuals, as well as municipalities and banks.

Dedicated to client-centered brokerage based on trust, radical transparency and efficient collaboration with clients and other market players. 

Expertise in local and international markets, real estate practices & industry standards. 

Fluency in French, Spanish & Chinese and proven experience transacting across cultures & languages. 

Terry Yonker

Founder & Broker

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