Helping Other Agents Improve Their Business

Join our conversation with Jman on how to effectively use virtual assistants for your business.

Join our second conversation where we compare virtual and in office assistants along with a chat with our VA.

See how we used Realvolve to deliver a consistent, reliable experience that our customers have come to expect.

See our interview with Christine at Screencast-O-Matic discussing how we use video in our business.

Working With Foreign Investors

Great chat on working with Foreign Investors for your fund.

Great talk about nuances between working with foreign and domestic investors.

We share with Dwaine how to best attract foreign capital for your investments.

What a great Podcast host (and fellow Buckeye!) Join Billy and me as we discuss the ins and outs of finding a path to helping foreigners invest in the U.S.

Join Sam Wilson as we discuss investing with Foreign investors. He is a syndication guy which gives a little different perspective than a pure brokerage.